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We provide fast and reliable drain cleaning services in Cheyenne & Laramie, WY

Your drains are an important part of your home's plumbing system. If your drains become clogged or damaged, it can negatively affect the rest of your plumbing. Prevent plumbing problems from happening by staying on top of regular maintenance. Master Mechanical, Inc. offers routine drain cleaning services.

You'll appreciate that we also offer 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services. Day or night, we can come to your aid and help with any drain problems you're experiencing.

Contact our drain cleaning specialists right away to book an appointment in Cheyenne & Laramie, WY.

5 signs your drain needs to be cleaned

5 signs your drain needs to be cleaned

Drain cleaning isn't something you should put off for another day. If you suspect your drain needs to be cleaned, don't hesitate to call Master Mechanical right away.

You may need drain cleaning services if...

Your water is slow to drain
Your drain is making unusual noises
You notice fruit flies around your drain
There's standing water in your tub or sink
There's a foul smell coming from your drain

Don't ignore these signs. Get in touch to schedule professional drain cleaning services.