Do You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line?

Ask about our trenching excavation services in the Cheyenne, WY area

When you run into problems with your sewer, it can cause a lot of anxiety. Are you going to lose your beautiful landscaping? Is it going to tear up your yard? With trenchless services from Master Mechanical, Inc., you can repair your sewer line without fully excavating the land. Our team will assess the situation and let you know if trenchless sewer and water replacement is a good option for your property in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

We offer residential and commercial trenching excavation services. Call Master Mechanical today to set up an appointment.

Avoid tearing up your yard when replacing your sewer line

Your sewer, gas or water line replacements don't have to tear up your entire yard. With trenchless services, Master Mechanical can repair or replace your lines with trenchless/pipe bursting methods.

Our team may recommend trenching excavation services if...

There are roots growing into your sewage system.
There's damage to one of the pipes.
You need a full sewer, water or gas line replacement.

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